Rewarding team members and Snacks to the Rescue! 

Our Multipacks offers flexibility and fun.

At Snack Heros we are dedicated to ensuring your snack pantry is well-stocked at the office, home, dormitory, job site or anywhere else in the known universe.

Order by the case according to your tastes. Snack Heros offers a variety of sweet, salty and savory mix of snacks. Remember to check out our Noodle Boxes and Breakfast Cups.

Feed and nourish your team with SNACK HEROS. Choose from a large variety of healthy, innovative, and indulgent snacks.

Snack Heros offers a large variety of healthy, innovative and yes – indulgent – snacks for you to choose from. We will make selection and delivery simple, so you can spend less time organizing snacks and getting hangry, and more time enjoying tasty snackables.

Snack Heros have taken it upon ourselves to save Vancouverites from the plight of mid-morning stomach grumbles and the 3 O’Clock Crash by donning our spandex. We will be the Snack Heros that carry you forward, restoring your brain and body, one piece of rosemary shortbread at a time.

Remember: Not all heros wear capes – some garnish with capers.


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