The Office Pantry – Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 26th Jan 2023

Having access for snacks and drinks is a perk that keeps employees going and hydrated throughout the day, so the key is to provide good healthy snacks that can be enjoyed by everyone, and to keep your supplies stocked at all times.

The snack area is usually located in your employee kitchen or lunch area, and it is important that the area is clean and accessible.

By providing areas for employees to prepare healthy snacks, there is less temptation to resort to highly processed, low nutrition options.

Office Kitchen Design Considerations

Whatever your space limitations, try to create an open, airy kitchen environment that allows employees to relax, both physically and mentally. If possible, the space should have natural light to create an open and stress-free zone.

If you can, have the area centrally located and easily accessible to encourage employees from different areas or departments to meet, socialize, collaborate and share knowledge of your business. Also, have open spaces to allow those with mobility issues to move freely and access the appliances and supplies.

A clean, attractive well-stocked kitchen is just as important as having delicious snacks. By supplying counter space to prepare a salad from ingredients employees stored in your office refrigerator, you are supporting a healthy work environment by encouraging healthy food and eating habits.

What should I have in my office kitchen?

1.Water station / water cooler – have purified water available so employees can fill their water bottles. Employees stay hydrated and more productive while reducing plastic waste by substituting plastic bottles of water with access to cold, clean drinkable water.

2.Coffee machine - is necessary to improve employee morale and is important for those requiring their daily (or more frequent) “jolt” or flavourable pick-me-up. It could be a traditional coffee pot or a single self-serve coffee maker with a variety of coffee flavours or decaf options to chose from.

3.Keep kitchen area clean and clutter free.

  • Have drawers and cabinets for cutlery, dishes and glasses - and a dishwasher or sink space for washing dishes.
  • Have policies in place for dish washing and maintaining cleanliness in the shared facilities. Provide hand soap, dish soap, cleaning products, cloths, and towels to encourage their use.
  • Have bins and containers for recycling, compost, etc.

4.Refrigerator, microwave, kettle for basic food storage and preparation.

  • If your space is large enough, and your budget allows, have two refrigerators – one for cold drinks and snacks, and one for employee lunches and other perishable food.

5.Have a clean, open area for food preparation that is near the sink or microwave.

  • If possible, have an area that is safe for food preparation for staff with food allergies by limiting cross-contamination.
  • Have salt, pepper, condiments available so individual packets are not needed.

6.Have snacks visible to the employees as they enter the kitchen area.

  • Keep them in baskets on the counter or countertop organizers, or shelves for displaying dry food and snacks.
  • Have cabinets and airtight containers for storage.
  • Ensure snacks are stored by ‘best before date’ to ensure they are consumed when fresh and to minimize waste.

What should I put in my office pantry?

There are numerous options and a wide variety of items available to you. Hmmm… how and what to choose ….

To help you stock your pantry, why not ask your employees what types of snacks they want? That way, their organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and other dietary options will be addressed, as they employees will tell you what they can eat, what they like, and therefore, what will be enjoyed.

Generally, your snack options will include:

  • a variety of snack bars (granola, fruit and nut, protein, etc.)
  • chips, nuts, popcorn and other salty snacks
  • cookies, candies, chocolate covered nuts, etc.
  • dried fruits, or fresh fruit, depending on your space and budget
  • juice, sparkling / flavoured water, or soft drinks

Let your employees decide….

To provide you with a convenient, affordable, continuous supply of a wide variety of healthy snack options, let Green & Green fill your orders on a schedule, or on request, to top up your kitchen pantry.

Check out our Snack Heros options to see the variety of options available to you. If there is something you want, but do not see, let us know and we’ll get it for you.

A healthy employee is a happy employee. Let Green & Green provide you with the healthy options your employees will love.